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MORA Essential is a Malaysian skincare brand founded by celebrity and photographer duo Mira Filzah and Molkhan in end 2014. Though starting off with what’s now their signature argan oil, the brand has grown to a line that features multiple products and skincare sets. MORA Essential’s ultimate aim is to be one of the nation’s top skincare brands, offering top-notch beauty buys to all types of consumers.

The brand has been carving a niche in the local beauty scene with Mora Essential, a range of skincare products made from natural ingredients and formulated for all skin types.

For example, its cleanser is made of argan oil and virgin coconut oil, while its facial scrub is made of almond oil.

The brand recently launched Mora Berry Mist, a new facial mist in the Mora Essential range. Mora Berry Mist helps make-up stay longer while nourishing and moisturising skin with just a spritz.

The product contains strawberry extract, aloe vera and collagen to combat acne, and vitamin C to soften, brighten and tighten skin as well as protect it from harmful UV rays.

It also contains chamomile flower extract that helps alleviate redness, rashes or itching.

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