Frequently Asked Questions

MORA Argan Oil, what is it actually? Moisturizer, cleanser, foundation or what?

MORA Argan Oil is an oil that is used to repair damaged facial skin that also acts as a day/night cream, serum and moisturizer.

What is the difference of MORA Argan Oil and MORA Argan Cleanser?

MORA Argan Oil is used to repair and moisturize facial skin while MORA Argan Cleanser is to cleanse and refresh the face.

Can I use MORA Argan Oil with other cleansing brand?

Yes, you may but depends on the compatibility with the skin and product.

If all of the sudden I happen to stop using MORA, will there be side effects?

No, MORA does not contain any dangerous chemical.

Why is MORA Argan Oil pricier than other brands?

MORA Argan Oil is formulated specifically for the facial skin, using high quality argan oil cold-pressed from argan nuts, while other brands may have formulated their product for general usage (hair, feet, nails and etc)

How long will a 15mL MORA Argan Oil last?

Depending on the usage, it can last one to two months for the 15mL Argan Oil, 3-4 months for the 30mL Argan Oil and the MORA Argan Cleanser can last up to one and a half months.

Is the MORA Argan Cleanser can be used on all skin type?

Yes, that includes oily and sensitive skin.

Why is the MORA Argan Cleanser does not create any foam?

This is because of the use of natural ingredients and the soap base is made form virgin coconut oil (VCO).

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